Listed on this page are items pertaining to the Japanese Internment in the United States and the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan.

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Bjorklund, Ruth
D769.8.A6 B574 2017 Check Availability
Starting with the resentment of Asian immigrants in the 1800's, this survey follows through to include residual effects of this horrible treatment of our fellow citizens.

Coerr, Eleanor
PZ7.C6567 Sa 1997 Check Availability
Gr. K-3
Hospitalized, a child in Hiroshima races against time to fold one thousand paper cranes to verify the legend that, by doing so, a sick person will become healthy.
This link provides lesson plans for the book.

Conkling, Winifred
PZ7.C76182 Syl 2011 Check availability
Sylvia & Aki
Gr. 4-6
At the start of World War II, Japanese-American Aki and her family are sent to an internment camp in Poston, Arizona while Mexican-American Sylvia's family leases their Orange County, California, farm and begins a fight to stop school segregation.
Curriculum guide in PDF form.

Houston, Jeanne Wakatsuki
E184.J3 H63 2002 Check availability
Farewell to Manzanar
Gr. 6-8
The true story of the impact that the internment of Japanese living in the U.S. during World War II had on one family.
Lesson plan for 7th grade students.
This PDF study guide includes reproducible handouts, including a map of locations and populations of concentration camps.

Larson, Kirby
PZ7.L32394 Fe 2010 Check availability
The Fences Between Us: The Diary of Piper Davis, Seattle, Washington, 1941
Gr. 5-8
Thirteen-year-old Piper Davis records in her diary her experiences beginning in December 1941.
Discussion guide along with student activities.

Levine, Ellen
D769.8.A6 L45 1995 Check availability
A Fence Away from Freedom
Gr. 5-8
A series of interviews with Japanese Americans, who were placed in internment camps during World War II because of their Japanese ancestry.
Lesson plans and activities.

Marrin, Albert
D769.8.A6 M329 2016 Check Availability
Uprooted: The Japanese American Experience During World War II
Gr. 6-12
Just seventy-five years ago, the American government did something that most would consider unthinkable today: it rounded up over 100,000 of its own citizens based on nothing more than their ancestry and, suspicious of their loyalty, kept them in concentration camps for the better part of four years. Uprooted takes a close look at the history of racism in America and carefully follows the treacherous path that led one of our nation's most beloved presidents to make this decision.

Mochizuki, Ken
PZ7.M71284 Bas 1993 Check Availability
Baseball Saved Us
Gr. 2-4
A Japanese-American boy learns to play baseball when he and his family are forced to live in an internment camp during World War II and his ability to play helps him after the war is over.
Lesson plans which include vocabulary words and activities.

Mochizuki, Ken
PZ7.M71284 He 1995 Check availability
Gr. 2-4
Japanese American Donnie, whose playmates insist he be the "bad guy" in their war games, calls on his reluctant father and uncle to help him get away from that role.
Lesson plans which include vocabulary words and activities.

Moss, Marissa
GV863.A1 M676 2013 Check availability
Barbed Wire Baseball
Gr. 4-8
This true story, set in a Japanese internment camp during World War II. As a young boy Kenichi “Zeni” Zenimura dreams of playing professional baseball. He grows up to be a successful player, playing with Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig! When the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor in 1941, Zeni and his family are sent to one of ten internment camps where more than 110,000 people of Japanese ancestry are imprisoned without trials. While there he brings the game of baseball and hope to those imprisoned.

Noguchi, Rick
PZ7.N67195 Fl 2001 Check availability
Flowers from Mariko
Gr. 3-5
When she and her family are released from the Japanese American internment camp where they have spent the last three years, Mariko plants a garden to raise their spirits.

Sandler, Martin W.
D769.8.A6 S26 2013 Check availability
Imprisoned: The Betrayal of Japanese Americans During World War II
Gr. 5-8
Culling information from extensive, previously unpublished interviews and oral histories with Japanese American survivors of internment camps, Martin W. Sandler gives an in-depth account of their lives before, during their imprisonment, and after their release.

Sepahban, Lois
PZ7.1.S462 Pap 2016 Check Availability
Paper Wishes
Gr. 4-7
Near the start of World War II, young Manami, her parents, and Grandfather are evacuated from their home and sent to Manzanar, an ugly, dreary internment camp in the desert for Japanese-American citizens.

Shigekawa, Marlene
PZ7.S5554 Bl 1993 Check availability
Blue Jay in the Desert
Gr. K-3
While living in a relocation camp during World War II, a young Japanese American boy receives a message of hope from his grandfather.

Shigekawa, Marlene
PZ7.S555 W44 2001 Check availability
Welcome Home Swallows
Gr. 3-5
A young Japanese American boy's family reunites after World War II ends.

Uchida, Yoshiko
PZ7.U25 Br 1993 Check availability
The Bracelet
Gr. 2-5
Emi, a Japanese American in the second grade, is sent with her family to an internment camp during World War II but the loss of the bracelet her best friend has given her proves that she does not need a physical reminder of that friendship.

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