Print Resources:

Auron, Yair
D804.33.A9713 2005 Check availability
The Pain of Knowledge: Holocaust and Genocide Issues in Education
A broad perspective overview of Holocaust and genocide issues in education.

Berger, Alan L.
D804.195.S43 2001 Check availability
Second Generation Voices: Reflections by Children of Holocaust Survivors and Perpetrators
An anthology in which people that the Holocaust touched second hand reflect on their relationships with their parents, society at large, and the events of the past.

Bolkosky, Sidney M.
D804.3.B65 1987 Check availability
A Holocaust Curriculum: Life Unworthy of Life: An 18-lesson Instructional Unit
A collection of educational materials to probe the events and the implications of the Jewish Holocaust. Includes stories, essays, questions, instructional materials for the teacher, and a videotape.

Brinkman, Annette
D804.33.L44 2000 Check availability
Learning from History: The Nazi Era and the Holocaust in German Education
Comprised of a book and CD-ROM, available in German and English.

Center for Holocaust Humanity Education, The
D804.175.C6 .O35 2014 Check Availability
Ohio Holocaust Liberators Memorial at the Ohio Statehouse Educational Guide
This guide is designed to be used with the Ohio Holocaust and Liberators Memorial. Teachers are encouraged to visit the Memorial: however, lessons from this guide do not require a visit to the physical location. The activities are designed to highlight particular moments, individuals, and themes inspired by the Memorial.

Choices for the 21st Century Education Program
HV6322.7 C65 2010 Check availability
Confronting Genocide: Never Again?
Addresses the causes of genocide in the twentieth century and the various ways in which the international community has attempted to deal with the problem.
The Choices program offers a role play option for students regarding Genocide.

Dawidowicz, Lucy S.
DS115.5.D38 1992 Check availability
What is the Use of Jewish History?: Essays
Addresses theories about history, teaching the holocaust, jewish identity and politics today.

Duboys, Tibbi
D804.33.P38 2008 Check availability
Paths to Teaching the Holocaust
Guide covers many aspects of holocaust education.

Eaglestone, Robert and Barry Longford
PN56.H55 T43 2008 Check availability
Teaching Holocaust Literature and Film
Guide includes sections on: Issues arising from teaching Holocaust film and literature, Holocaust theory, the role of theories of memory in teaching representations of the Holocaust, issues of representation and others.

Echoes and Reflections: A Multimedia Curriculum on the Holocaust
Anti-defamation League and USC Shoah Foundation Institute for Visual History and Education
D804.33.E24 2006 Check availability
Not Rated
Studies major themes associated with the Holocaust and includes a curriculum guide with bibliographic references.
Run time: 157 minutes
This is the official website for the kit and presents various resources.

Facing History and Ourselves
HQ751.R33 2002 Check availability
Race and Membership in American History: The Eugenics Movement
A Resource book about how in the early 1900s they used a new branch of scientific inquiry known as eugenics to justify their prejudices and advocate programs and policies aimed at solving the nation's problems by ridding society of "inferior racial traits."

Fallace, Thomas D.
D804.33.F35 2008 Check availability
The Emergence of Holocaust Education in American Schools
Includes chapters with specific examples while looking at affective revolution and Holocaust education, Holocaustmania, the critiques of Holocaust education, and the aims of secondary education.

Fisch, Robert O.
DS135.H19 B8343 2004 Check availability
Dear Dr. Fisch: Children's Letters to a Holocaust Survivor
Survivor of Mauthausen, Robert Fisch began speaking to groups about his experience in the 1990's. He has collected letters from classrooms, sharing excerpts from them; his artwork adorns the book.

Gagnon, Kathleen
LB1139.5.L35 G33 Check availability
Holocaust Literature: Study Guides to 12 Stories of Courage
Provides lessons on the Holocaust based on the differing perspectives offered in works by Elie Wiesel, Corrie ten Boom, Art Spiegelman, and others.

Gernard-Donals, Michael.
D804.348.B48 2006 Check availability
An Introduction to Holocaust Studies.
An overview of how the holocaust has been studied over the last 15 - 20 years.

Grobman, Alex
DS135.N6 F73313 1995 Check availability
Anne Frank in Historical Perspective: A Teaching Guide for Secondary Schools
Contains information about her life and diary as well as information about the effects of the Holocaust in the Netherlands.

Hall, Nadia
LB1139.4.H35 1999
Creative Resources for the Anti-Bias Classroom
This unique approach presents information in a simple, straightforward manner. Hundreds of activities are demonstrated to represent an integrated curriculum approach. Developmental benchmarks provide best practice for infants/toddlers and planning for early childhood and elementary classrooms.

Heath, Melissa Allen; Dyches, Tina Taylor; Prater, Mary Anne
LB3013.3.H434 2013 Check availability
Classroom Bullying Prevention.
Gr. PreK-4
Children's books, Lesson Plans, and Activities

Hirt, Robert S. and Thomas Kessner
DS126.33.I8 Check availability
Issues in Teaching the Holocaust: A Guide
Includes part one, teaching the holocaust and part two, papers in the history of the Holocaust. Classified as an annotated bibliography.

Jamieson, Joan
PS3562.O923 N85 J3 2005 Check availability
LitLinks: Number the Stars
Includes chapter questions with answers, language and literacy activities, and a teacher's guide.

Kassenoff, Miriam Klein
D804.33.K374 2004 Check availability
Studying the Holocaust through Film and Literature: Human Rights and Social Responsibility
Includes bibliographical references, videography and webliography.

Klemperer, Victor
PC2064.K5 A3 1998 Check availability
I Will Bear Witness
Diary of a Jew married to an "Aryan" woman during the Nazi years.

Koren, Michael
D810.J4 K67 2005 Check availability
Document-Based Activities on the Holocaust, 1939-1945: Using Primary Sources and the Internet (World History Series)
Includes lessons over various topics over the Holocaust as well as student worksheets and resource pages.
The publisher's website, this page contains hyperlinks to the webpages featured in the text.

Levin, Diane
BF637.I48 L46 1994 Check availability
Teaching Young Children in Violent Times: Building a Peaceable Classroom
Gr. PreS-3
Teaching Young Children in Violent Times helps teachers and group leaders working with pre-K to 3rd-graders to create an environment in which young children can learn alternatives to the violent behaviors modeled in our society, the media and home.

Littel, Marcia Sachs
Call# Check Availability
Holocaust Education
A Resource Book for Teachers and Professional Leaders.

Marcus, Alan S.
D16.255.A8 T44 2010 Check availability
Teaching History with Film: Strategies for Secondary Social Studies
Provides an overview of teaching with film to enhance social studies instruction.

Marcus, Alan S.
AM7.M364 2012 Check availability
Teaching History with Museums: Strategies for K-12 Social Studies
Provides an introduction and overview of the rich pedagogical power of museums.

Meinbach, Anita Meyer
D804.33.M45 2004 Check availability
Memories of the Night: Studies of the Holocaust
Includes bibliographical references, videography and webliography.

Merems, Erika Hess
D810.J4 H66 1978 Check availability
Bantam Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust Years: Society on Trial a Comprehensive Course Outline

D804.32.H64 1998 Check availability
The Holocaust: The Way We Saw It: In Illustration and Art
Contains lesson plans and reproducible student activities, each using various images, over the Holocaust.

Moger, Susan
D804.33.M65 2009 Check availability
Teaching the Diary of Anne Frank: An In-Depth Resource for Learning About the Holocaust Through the Writings of Anne Frank
This guide provides background information, primary source documents, and other materials to help students understand the Diary in the context of the Holocaust.

Natalizio, Michael G.
D804.33.N38 2000 Check availability
History Buff's Crosswords Plus: The Holocaust
Contains crossword puzzles, word searches, word matches, and cryptic quote activities about the Holocaust.

Petovello, Laura R.
D804.33.P47 1994 Check availability
The Spirit that Moves Us: A Literature-based Resource Guide on Teaching about the Holocaust & Human Rights Volume 2
Includes lesson plans and bibliographical references. for teaching grades 5 - 8.

Pettigrew, Alice
D804.33.T43 2010 Check availability
Teaching About the Holocaust in English Secondary Schools: An Empirical Study of National Trends, Perspectives, and Practice
Research findings from the Holocaust Education Development Programme of the University of London's Institute of Education.

Philadelphia Board of Education
D810.J4 P5 Check availability
The Holocaust: A Teacher Resource
Secondary school curriculum, published by the Instructional Services, The School District of Philadelphia, c1979.

Rabinsky, Leatrice B. and Carol Danks
D804.3.H64 1989 Check availability
The Holocaust: Prejudice Unleashed
Secondary school curriculum, published by the Ohio Council on Holocaust Education, c1989.

Robbins, Mari Lu
LT3411.F72 Ann 1996 Check availability
A Literature Unit for Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl
Gr. 5-9
These teacher created materials include bibliographic references for Grades 5-9.

Rothlein, Liz
LB1027.25.R67 T53 Check availability
Thematic Unit: Holocaust
Provides reproducible materials to reinforce facts and concepts related to the Holocaust.

Rubenstein, Richard L.
D804.3.R79 2003 Check availability
Approaches to Auschwitz: The Holocaust and its Legacy
Various ways in which the Holocaust has been studied and its continuing significance.

Russell, Lucy
D804.33.R87 2008 Check availability
Teaching the Holocaust in School History
Analysis of teaching the Holocaust in school history.

Schroeder, Peter
D804.33.S34 2004 Check availability
Six Million Paper Clips: The Making of a Children's Holocaust Memorial
Overview of the Tennessee project to collect six million paper clips to show just how many died.

Schweber, Simone
D804.33.S353 2007 Check availability
Teaching the Holocaust
The authors lead students down a path of understanding human complexities and the daunting moral questions that arise out of war in general and the Holocaust specifically.

Shawn, Karen, ed.
D804.3.P74 Check availability
PRISM: An Interdisciplinary Journal for Holocaust Educators.
A yearly interdisciplinary journal for Holocaust educators.
  • Volume 1
  • Volume 2
  • Volume 3
  • Volume 4
  • Volume 5
  • Volume 6
  • Volume 7
  • Volume 8
  • Volume 9

Shawn, Karen and Keren Goldfrad
D804.195.C35 2008 T.gde Check availability
The Call of Memory: Learning about the Holocaust through Narrative: A Teacher's Guide
The lesson plans and scholarly critiques serve as tools for approaching the study.

Sherman, Janine H.
D804.33.S54 2007 Check availability
LitPlan Teacher Pack for The Devil's Arithmetic
This book contains lesson plans designed to help develop reading, writing, thinking, listening, and speaking skills through exercises and activities related to the book The Devil's Arithmetic by Jane Yolen.

Silten, R. Gabriele S.
D804.48.S55 2006 Check availability
We Always Remember
This publication, for the 2006 International Conference of Jewish Child Survivors of the Holocaust and Second Generation, contains work from the survivors themselves as well as children.

Smith, Helmut Walser
D804.33.H65 2002 Check availability
The Holocaust and Other Genocides: History, Representation, Ethics
Curriculum that systematically ties the teaching of the Holocaust to an analysis of the genocides in Armenia, Bosnia and Kosovo, and Rwanda.

Strom, Margot Stern
D804.33.S77 1994 Check availability
Facing History and Ourselves: Holocaust and Human Behavior: A Resource Book
Subject matter is primarily the behavior, psychology, and history of intolerance and hatred.
Links to the website for the book and includes more information and a downloadable version.

Sugarman, Morris J
D804.3.R673 1992 workbook Check availability
Historian's Notebook: Student Workbook to The Holocaust: The World and the Jews, 1933-1945

Ten Dyke, Elizabeth A.
D804.33.T46 2005 Check availability
PowerPoint Presentations in World History: The Holocaust
Contains materials for use in teaching about the Holocaust.

Totten, Samuel and Stephen Feinberg
D804.33.T46 2001 Check availability
Teaching and Studying the Holocaust
Covers rationales for teaching the Holocaust, using primary documents, first person accounts, film, literature, art, drama, music, and technology.

The University of the State of New York
D810.J4 T4 1985 v.1 Check Availability
The Human Rights Series: Teaching about the Holocaust and Genocide
Serves as an introduction to the concept of human rights. At the same time, it aims to develop among students a reflectiveness about the significance of these events so that, ultimately, students might act with greater humanity toward one another.

The University of the State of New York
D810.J4 T4 1985 v.2 Check Availability
The Human Rights Series: Teaching about the Holocaust and Genocide
This volume of the teacher's guide serves as a continuing introduction to the concept of human rights and focuses primarily on the Nazi Holocaust and its implications for our future.

The University of the State of New York
JX5418.C3 1986 Check Availability
The Human Rights Series: Case Studies: Persecution/ Genocide
These serve as only a sample of the persecutions and genocidal acts that students might learn about.

US Holocaust Memorial Museum,Washington D.C.
D804.33.T43 2003 Check Availability
Exemplary Lessons Initiative
As a part of its ongoing efforts to support classroom teachers, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum presents five lessons developed by educators from different parts of the country.

US Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, D.C.
D804.33.T43 1995 Check availability
Teaching about the Holocaust: A Resource Book for Educators
This resource book includes information about the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, teaching guidelines, an annotated bibliography, an annotated videography, frequently asked questions, and a chronology of the Holocaust.

Weitz, Sonia Schreiber
D810.J4 W45 1983 Check availability
The Poetry of Sonia Schreiber Weitz: A Teaching Companion To: Facing History and Ourselves: Holocaust and Human Behavior
Each individual poem is preceded by a brief introduction.

Wieviorka, Annette
D804.34.W5413 2002 Check availability
Auschwitz Explained to My Child
Gr. 4-9
A French historian whose grandparents died in the Holocaust answers her daughter's questions about the Holocaust, including Hitler's rise to power, the establishment of concentration camps, and the genocide of the Jews.

Zwerin, Rabbi Raymond A.
D804.33.Z9472 1980 Check availability
The Holocaust: A Study in Values
A minicourse leader guide, c1980.

Audiovisual Resources:

Guidelines for Teaching about the Holocaust
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
D804.33.G753 2002 Check availability
Aids teachers who want to learn about the guidelines and provides materials for teachers who would like to do presentations. This CD-ROM restates each of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Musuem guidelines, and the viewer is then able to connect to images that help illustrate the key points of that guideline.

Hangman, The
McGraw-Hill Films
PS3565.G39 H36 1986 Check availability
Not Rated
Run Time: 11 min
Tells of the Hangman's visit to a small town where its coward citizens take no action to stop the Hangman's murders, The town's last remaining man discovers, late that humans are responsible beings who must stand together for the common good -- or suffer the consequences. Based on the poem of the same title by Maurice Ogden.
Summary of the film, discussion questions, activities and projects, related films.
Text of the poem, vocabulary and discussion questions.

One Survivor Remembers: A Teaching Kit for Grades 8-12
Home Box Office and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
D810.J4 K56 2005 Check availability
Not Rated
Gerda Weissmann Klein path to survival of the Holocaust.
Note: Includes a Teacher's Guide.
Run time: 39 minutes

Paper Clips
Hart Sharp Video
D804.3.P3747 2006 Check availability
Rated: G
Documentary of the students at Whitwell Middle School in rural Tennessee who collected 6 million paper clips to better understand the numbers of victims of the Holocaust.
Run time: 87 minutes

People: A Magical, Musical Adventure for the Entire Family
Lightyear Entertainment
PN1997.P46754 2003 Check availability
Not Rated
Cara and her Grandfather embark on a journey of imagination that brings them face to face with the wonderful variety of people around the world.
Run time: 100 minutes

Starting Small: Teaching Children Tolerance
Southern Poverty Law Center and Margie McGovern Films
LC1099.S83 2008 Check availability
Not Rated
A tour of five early childhood programs in which teachers and children are building classroom communities that promise a brighter future for all of us.
Run time: 58 minutes
  • NOTE: Includes a Teacher's Guide.

Stories of Freedom: What You Do Matters
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
D804.3.N378 2010 Check availability
A planning guide and resources for annual Holocaust commemorations.

Teaching about the Holocaust: A CD-ROM for Educators
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
D804.33.T43 2006 Check availability
Designed to help teachers integrate Museum content into their lessons, develop their skills as Holocaust educators, and plan visits.

The Wave
Films Inc.
HM271.W38 2008 Check availability
Not Rated
Re-creates a classroom experiment in which a high-school teacher formed his own "Reich" to show why the German people could so willingly endorse Nazism.
Run time: 46 minutes

Newspaper and Journal Articles:

The materials in this list are located in a file housed in the Educational Resource Center at Wright State University. There are plans to begin digitizing this collection to facilitate access to these valuable resources. Here they are organized by article title; where there is an author given, it is listed on the subsequent line. The publication type is also listed.

Alumni Newsletter
Holocaust and Jewish Resistance Teachers Program
Winter 2002/2003
Newsletter Check availability

Annotated Bibliography
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
1993, 1994, & No Date Given
Bibliography Check availability [1994], Check availability [1993], Check availability [No Date Given]

Annotated Videography
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Videography Check availability

Bearing Witness to the Holocaust
Hazel Rochman
Book Links
January 1998

Beyond Our Walls
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Map Check availability

Confronting Memory, Tolerating Differences: Encountering the Holocaust as a Third Generation
Krondorfer, Bjorn
St. Mary's City, MD: International Summer Program on the Holocaust
Booklet & Newsletter Check availability

Eclipse of Humanity: The History of the Shoah, A New Multimedia Program
The International School for Holocaust Studies
Yad Vashem

Educators Remain Hopeful in Teaching Holocaust
Thum, Bob
Dayton Jewish Chronicle
October 29, 1987
Newspaper Article Check availability

Examining the Important Civic Values with Elementary Students using Trade Books about the Holocaust: A Five-to-Six Day Unit
Haas, Mary E.
Social Studies Research and Practice Vol. 3 No. 2
July 2008
Journal Article Check availabilty
PDF copy of Journal Article.

Facing History and Ourselves News: Research and Resources for Educators and Friends
Facing History and Ourselves
Spring 2000
Newsletter Check availability

Fears About Teaching Holocaust Dispelled by Study
Dayton Jewish Chronicle
July 29, 1982
Newspaper Article Check availability

Going Beyond the "whats" and "whens" of History to the "whys"
Henderson, (?)
The Christian Science Monitor
April 11, 1986
Newspaper Article Check availability

Guidelines for Teaching About the Holocaust
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Teachers Guide Check availability

Governor Accepts Holocaust Curriculum
Dayton Jewish Chronicle
September 7, 1989
Newspaper Article Check availability

Holocaust Bill Sails Through House
Nickens, Tim
The Miami Herald
April 8, 1994
Newspaper Article Check availability

Holocaust Committee Selects 3 Winners in Arts Competition
Dayton Daily News
April 29, 1992
Newspaper Article Check availability

Holocaust Education Newsletter
Holocaust Education Committee of the Jewish Federation of Greater Dayton
Spring 2001
Committee Newsletter Check availability

Holocaust Education Newsletter
Frydman, Renate
Dayton, Ohio
Spring 2001
Newsletter Check availability

Holocaust Education on Your PC
Siegel, Judy
The Jerusalem Post
October 5, 1996
Newspaper Article Check availability

Holocaust Guide Finds He Has Tough Mission
Stevens, Kristen
Chicago Tribune
June 3, 2005
Newspaper Article Check availability

Holocaust's Living History a Teachers' Dream
Wiesel, Elie
Newspaper Article Check availability

The Holocaust's New Lessons
McCormick, John
December 3, 1990
Magazine Article Check availability

How Can You Bear to Study the Holocaust? How Can We Not?
Sydnor, Charles W.
The Chronicle of Higher Education
September 16, 1987
Magazine Article Check availability

How They Teach the Holocaust
Dawidowicz, Lucy S.
December 1990
Journal Article Check availability

The Imaginary World of Issac Bashevis Singer
National Yiddish Book Center, Amherst, Massachusetts
Newsletter & Leaflet Check availability

The International School for Holocaust Studies
Yad Vashem
2000 & 2002
Institute Brochure Check availability [2000], Check availability [2002]

An Introduction to the Holocaust
Museum of the City of New York

Lessons of the Holocaust
Murphy, Caryle
The Washington Post
April 14, 1983
Newspaper Article Check availability

Lessons of the Holocaust
Ullmer, Katherine
Dayton Daily News
April 14, 1988
Newspaper Article Check availability

Life After
The Jerusalem Post
May 5, 2000
Newspaper Article Check availability

Marching for Life in the Shadow of Death
Feiler, Alan H.
Baltimore Jewish News
May 25, 1990
Newspaper Article Check availability

Northmont Class Provides Insight on Holocaust
Lawson, Fred
Dayton Daily News and Journal Herald
March 24, 1987
Newspaper Article Check availability

Once Rarely Explored, the Holocaust Gains Momentum as a School Topic
Berger, Joseph
The New York Times, National
October 3, 1988
Newspaper Article Check availability

Opening Up to God and Self
Fyman, Rachel
Hadassah Magazine
August 2003
Magazine Article Check availability

Other Speakers We Highly Recommend
The Harry Walker Agency, New York, NY
Leaflet Check availability

Playing Politics with Holocaust Education
Cohler, Larry
Facing History and Ourselves News
Winter 1988-1989
Newspaper Article Check availability

Professor of Year a Major Influence
Stern, Gary
USA Today
October, 11, 1988
Newspaper Article Check availability

Reflections on Teaching About the Holocaust
Berenbaum, Michael
Conservative Judaism
January/February 1981
Journal Article Check availability

Remember: Remembrance is Continuing the Resistance
New Jersey Department of Education
Holocaust/Genocide Studies
Fall 1999
Newsletter Check availability

Rewriting Nazi History: Prof Fights Deemphasis on Atrocities
Juniewicz, Debbie
University of Dayton Flyer News
January 26, 1989
Newspaper Article Check availability

Should You Teach Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl?
Hazel Rochman
Book Links
May 1998

Seeds of Understanding
Dayton Daily News
April 24, 1998
Newspaper Article Check availability

Students Help Create Wall of Remembrance
Mackey, Rosi
Dayton Daily News
January 19, 1988
Newspaper Article Check availability

Students Interpret Holocaust in Art
Antonelli, Toniann
The Leader
May 10, 2001
Newspaper Article Check availability

Teachers Reviewing Holocaust Curriculum
Hitsky, Alan
The Jewish News
October 16, 1987
Newspaper Article Check availability

Teaching the Unthinkable
Newspaper Article Check availability

Thanks to Scandinavia
Netter, Richard
New York, NY
Booklet Check availability

Unit on Holocaust Prepares Students for Speaker Trip
Roseberry, Joy
The Early Bird, Greenville, OH
March 29, 1988
Newspaper Article Check availability

We Have come a Long Way in Holocaust Studies
Kassenoff, Miriam Klein
The Miami Herald
January 23, 2000
Newspaper Article Check availability

What to Tell Children about the Holocaust
Rinn, Miriam
Dayton Jewish Chronicle
April 16, 1992
Newspaper Article Check availability

Teacher Collections:

Each box contains 30 items useful for teaching a unit about the Holocaust and includes both print and non-print materials.

Holocaust Curriculum Unit, gr. 4-8
D804.33 .H645 gr. 4-8 Check availability
A sampling of materials for a classroom teacher to use when teaching a unit about the Holocaust. It include a curriculum guide and teacher reference material, DVDs, picture books, chapter books, and non-fiction books appropriate for grades 4-8.


Coming of Age in the Holocaust, Coming of Age Now
This site features "an interactive curriculum focused on twelve stories of young people who survived the Holocaust and one person who grew up in the Mandate of Palestine during the same period." Students will read survivor stories and watch video testimonies, explore primary source material, examine timelines and maps, hold online discussions, and work on projects. In addition, the site features a glossary and extensive resource page.
Note: The "interactive" part of the curriculum requires free enrollment via the website. However, some content is available online without this.

History Place, The
Holocaust Timeline
(other timelines include The Triumph of Hitler, Hitler Youth, & The Rise of Adolph Hitler)
Includes hyperlinks to articles, archival photos, maps, and audio clips. Incredibly detailed with specific dates (some more recent years are listed during which significant war trials occurred) and little-known facts. Useful in classroom for collocation of archival material.

Holocaust Teacher Resource Center
"The Holocaust Teacher Resource Center (TRC) web site...strives to combat prejudice and bigotry by transforming the horrors of the Holocaust into positive lessons to help make this a better and safer world for everybody." This site features resources for Kindergarten through College. Included are curricula, publications, bibliographies, reviews, links, and more.

International Conference on Holocaust Education
The International School for Holocaust Studies hosts a biennial conference on Holocaust education. You can find abstracts and video of presentations from 2004 - date.

Museum of Tolerance, The
"Recipient of the Global Peace and Tolerance Award from the Friends of the United Nations, the Museum of Tolerance (MOT) is a human rights laboratory and educational center dedicated to challenging visitors to understand the Holocaust in both historic and contemporary contexts and confront all forms of prejudice and discrimination in our world today." This site has an extensive Teacher Resource section that breaks down content standards for Elementary & Middle/High School and includes resources like the "Children of the Holocaust Section" that gives individual profiles of children.
Includes access to digital archives and a program called "Ask a Survivor" where students and teachers can type in a question and the museum forwards them to be "responded to directly by a survivor of the Holocaust."

Portraits of Zinkov
Artist Alan Shulman has created a series of 52 paintings featuring residents of the town of Zinkov, Ukraine. A brief biography explains the importance of each; some survived the Holocaust, others perished. Includes study questions.

South Carolina ETV Holocaust Forum, The
"Thanks to a grant from the South Carolina Council on the Holocaust, ETV created a forum on the Holocaust to provide teachers access to a variety of resources when teaching their students about this tragic chapter from human history." This site features South Carolina Voices: Lessons from the Holocaust, a curriculum package, and a page of other resources.

Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust, A
"An overview of the people and events of the Holocaust through photographs, documents, art, music, movies, and literature." An extensive teacher guide with links to relevant websites, virtual tours of camps, audio recordings and movies on Holocaust themes. Look at the specific topic pages for more resources including bibliographies, links, vocabulary, and lesson plans.

United States holocaust Memorial Museum Website
"A living memorial to the Holocaust, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum inspires citizens and leaders worldwide to confront hatred, promote human dignity, and prevent genocide."
Resources for students and teachers, especially information on how to teach the holocaust.