This page contains items about teaching peace, exploring tolerance of others, and building bridges of understanding.

Print Resources:

Grammer, Red
M1997.G796 1993 Check Availability
Teaching Peace: Song book and Teacher's Guide
To the children and adults learning these piano or guitar accompaniments we offer a warm greeting. Working out of songbooks like this one is how Red taught himself to play the guitar many years ago.

Hamanaka, Shelia
PZ5.O57 1995 Check Availability
On the Wings of Peace
Famous authors and illustrators present a collection of prose and poetry exploring aspects of peace, from issues of personal and community violence to international conflict, the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the environmental dangers of nuclear proliferation.

Muse, Daphne
PZ5.P7843 1995 Check availability
Prejudice: Stories about Hate, Ignorance, Revelation, and Transformation
Gr. 7-12
An anthology of short stories featuring young people of different backgrounds who experience prejudice.

Popov, Nikolai
PZ7.P79575 Wh 2016 Check Availability
Gr. 1-4
A frog, peacefully sitting in a meadow, is suddenly attacked by an umbrella-wielding mouse in a confrontation that quickly turns into full-scale war.

Scholes, Katherine
JX1963.S255 1990 Check Availability
Peace Begins with You
Explains, in simple terms, the concept of peace, why conflicts occur, how they can be resolved in positive ways, and how to protect peace.

Webber, Diane
HM1091.W43 2008 Check availability
Totally Tolerant: Spotting and Stopping Prejudice
Gr. 4-6
Teens discuss issues related to prejudice, including diversity, intolerance, biases, and ways to fight prejudice.

Audiovisual Resources:

Grammer, Red
M1978.P4 G736 1986 Check Availability
Teaching Peace
The music with lyrics that are found in Teaching Peace Song book and Teacher's Guide.

Grammer, Red
M1978.P4 G736 2000 Check Availability
Teaching Peace: Performance/Accompaniment
The music to accompany the Teaching Peace Song book and Teacher's Guide.

Tolerance is...
Human Relations Media
HM1271 .T65 Check Availability
Not Rated
Gr. 5-9
Several teenagers and a psychologist talk about the importance of tolerance in our increasingly diverse world.
Run time: 8 minutes

Articles & Websites:

The Butterfly Project
Started as a way to educate school children about the Holocaust, the Houston Holocaust Museum has collected over 1.5 million handmade butterflies from across the world.