This page includes information about the Nuremberg Trials, famed Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal, and the scope of Nazi war crimes.

Print Resources:

Altman, Linda Jacobs
D804.34.A47 2004 Check availability
Crimes and Criminals of the Holocaust
Gr. 6-8
Describes the atrocities committed and the many trials which brought to justice some of those who were responsible.

Bard, Mitchell
KZ1176.N87 2002 Check availability
The Nuremberg Trials
Gr. 9-12
Recounts the Nuremburg Trials in Germany that brought Nazi war criminals to justice after World War II.

Hausner, Gideon
KMK44.E33 H38 1966 Check availability
Justice in Jerusalem
Gideon Hausner had been Attorney General of Israel for only two weeks when, on May 23, 1960, Prime Minister Ben-Gurion informed a stunned Knesset that Adolf Eichmann had been found and would be brought to trial for his crimes against the Jews.

Audiovisual Resources:

Freedom is not a Gift from Heaven: The Century of Simon Wiesenthal
Kultur International Films
D804.196.F7443 2008 Check availability
Not Rated
Simon Wiesenthal, a dedicated Nazi hunter and former concentration camp prisoner, tells the story of his life.
Run time: 60 minutes

I Have Never Forgotten You: The Life and Legacy of Simon Wiesenthal
Moriah Films
D804.5.W54 I23 2007 Check availability
Rated: PG-13
Documentary about Simon Wiesenthal, a holocaust survivor who dedicated most of his life to helping the United States government prosecute Nazi war criminals.
Run time: 105 minutes

Judgment at Nuremberg
United Artists and MGM Home Entertainment
PN1997.J833 2004 Check availability
Not Rated
Presents a fictionalized account of a war crimes trial of four eminent Nazi judges at Nuremberg, Germany, after World War II.
Run time: 178 minutes

Nazi Concentration Camps / The Nuremberg Trials
Central Documentary Film Studios, Moscow, U.S.S.R. Artkino Pictures
D805.G3 N39 2007 Check availability
Not Rated
Nazi Concentration Camps includes the official record of the Nazi death camps as photographed by George C. Stevens as the Allied forces advanced into Germany. The Nuremburg trial portion is a Russian documentary on the Nuremberg trials of Nazi war criminals.
Run time: 112 minutes

Nuremberg, 1949
Documentary Film Unit, National Archives
JX5437.8 N97 2007 Check availability
Not Rated
Footage of Nuremberg trial including testimony and statements from defendants, prosecuting attorneys, judges, and witnesses.
Run time: 75 minutes

Nuremberg: The Nazis Facing their Crimes
KZ1176.5.N87 2006 Check availability
Not Rated
Nuremberg, November 20, 1945--The trials of Nazi war criminals begins in a city still in ruins, barely six months after the Germans' surrender. The United States, France, Great Britain and the USSR unite to deliver exemplary justice in response to crimes against peace and, for the first time in history, to "crimes against humanity". On the accused bench sit 21 of the highest Nazi dignitaries . They all plead not guilty, although the "atrocities" committed are tremendous. As evidence, films of the liberation of the concentration camps would be screened, an unprecedented move, during the proceedings. Evidence is presented, confrontations arise, testimonies of executioners and victims are heard. After 10 months of hearings, the verdict is rendered: 12 defendants sentenced to death penalties, including one in absentia, seven sentenced to prison and three acquitted. Thus ends the trial that paved the way for the creation of international tribunals.
Run time: 90 minutes (2 disc set)

Nuremberg: Tyranny on Trial
A&E Home Video
D803.N87 2005 Check availability
Not Rated
A documentary examining the World War II Nuremberg trials and their legacy.
Run time: 46 minutes

Nuremberg Trials, The
Spiegel TV Production with American Experience and PBS Home Video
D804.G42 N87 2006 Check availability
Not Rated
This American Experience production draws upon rare archival material and eyewitness accounts to re-create the dramatic tribunal that defines trial procedure for state criminals to this day.
Run time: 60 minutes

Specialist: Portrait of a Modern Criminal, The
Momento! and Home Vision Entertainment
DD247.E5 S64 2002 Check availability
Not Rated
Selected footage shot at Eichmann's war crimes trial is presented chronologically in terms of Eichmann's life and actions to give another perspective on the Holocaust.
Run time: 123 minutes

Trial of Adolf Eichmann, The
PBS Home Video
KMK44.E33 T74 1997x Check availability
Not Rated
Presents a complete account of the trial of Adolph Eichmann.
Run time: 120 minutes
Companion website for the film includes an online teacher's guide, photos, resources, and more.

Verdict on Auschwitz: The Frankfurt Auschwitz Trial, 1963-1965
First Run Features
KK73.5.A98 V47 2007 Check availability
Not Rated
A documentary film about the Frankfurt Auschwitz trial, originally held from 1963-1965.
Run time: 180 minutes

Articles & Websites:

Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression, Nuremberg, Germany (1945-1946)
Hosted by the Library of Congress, Military Legal Resources Division, these are PDF scans of the eight-volume, twelve-book series, also known as "The Red Series". It is a collection of the evidence and guide materials prepared by the American and British Prosecuting Staffs for presentation before the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg.