This page contains information about the rescue movement that transported nearly 10,000 children without their parents out of Nazi Germany to safety in other countries.

Print Resources:

Byers, Ann
DS135.E5 B94 2011 Check availability
Saving Children from the Holocaust: The Kindertransport (The Holocaust Through Primary Sources)
Gr. 6 & Up
"Discusses the Kindertransport...and how ten thousand children were saved from the Holocaust."--Publisher

Drucker, Olga Levy
DS135.G5 D783 1992 Check availability
Gr. 5-8
The author describes her experiences as a young girl in England during World War II.

Fox, Anne L.
DS135.G5 A1293 1999 Check availability
Ten Thousand Children: True Stories Told by Children who Escaped the Holocaust on the Kindertransport
Gr. 5-8
Tells the true stories of children who escaped Nazi Germany on the Kindertransport, a rescue mission led by concerned British to save Jewish children from the Holocaust.

Golabeck, Mona
DS135.E6 G58 2003 Check availability
The Children of Willesden Lane
Gr. 5-8
Mona Golabek shares the story of her mother Lisa Jura Golabek's escape from Austria to London on the Kindertransport. In London, in a hostel on Willesden Lane, Lisa's music inspires other displaced children, and they, in turn, cheer her on in her efforts to realize her musical potential.

Hodge, Deborah
D804.6.H63 2012 Check availability
​Rescuing the Children: The Story of the Kindertransport
Gr. 4-8
The story of how ten thousand Jewish children were rescued out of Nazi Europe just before the outbreak of World War II.

Howard, Ellen
D804.34.H69 1996 Check availability
A Different Kind of Courage
Gr. 4-7
In this novel, refugee children struggle to overcome the misconception that their parents are abandoning them while escaping the horrors of war-torn France.

Robbins, Trina
DS134.42.R46 R63 2011 Check availability
Lily Renee, Escape Artist: From Holocaust Survivor to Comic Book Pioneer
Gr. 6 & Up
Presents the early life of the cartoon artist and her work as a pioneering cartoon artist.

Samuels, Diane
PR6069.A496 K56 1995 Check availability
Gr. 6 & Up
In 1938, seven-year-old Eva Schlesinger is put aboard a train filled with other Jewish children and carried away from Nazi Germany in a little-known rescue operation called "Kindertransport."

Sim, Dorrith
PZ7.S58855 In 1997 Check availability
In My Pocket
Gr. 3-6
A seven-year-old Jewish girl from Germany suffers fear and uncertainty in July 1939 while traveling by train and boat to the safety of a new life in Scotland.

Thor, Annika
PZ7.T3817 Far 2009 Check availability
A Faraway Island
Gr. 6-8
In 1939 Sweden, two Jewish sisters wait for their parents to flee the Nazis in Austria, but while eight-year-old Nellie settles in quickly, twelve-year-old Stephie feels stranded at the end of the world.

Thor, Annika
PZ7.T3817 Li 2011 Check availability
Lily Pond, The
Gr. 6-8
Having left Nazi-occupied Vienna a year ago, thirteen-year-old Jewish refugee Stephie Steiner adapts to life in Gothenburg, where she attends school, falls in love, and worries about her parents who were not allowed to emigrate.

Watts, Irene
PZ7.W336 Fi 2002 Check availability
Finding Sophie
Gr. 5-9
At the end of World War II in 1945, fourteen-year-old Sophie, a German Jew who has lived with a guardian in London for seven years, wonders what will happen when she is reunited with her parents.

Watts, Irene
PZ7.W335 Re 2000 Check availability
Remember Me
Gr. 5-7
Marianne escapes on the first Kindertransport organized to take Jewish children out of Nazi Germany to safety in Britain.

Audiovisual Resources:

Into the Arms of Strangers: Stories of the Kindertransport
Warner Bros. Pictures
DS135.G3315 I586 2001 Check availability
Rated: PG
The story of how Jewish children were sent to Great Britain by their parents during World War II to protect them from Hitler.
Run time: 118 minutes

My Knees Were Jumping: Remembering the Kindertransports
New Group Video
DS135.G5 M9 2003 Check availability
Not Rated
Archival footage and first hand accounts are used to tell the story of the Kindertransport, a British refugee movement that saved thousands of Jewish children during World War II.
Run time: 77 minutes

Articles & Websites:

The Children of Willesden Lane: Beyond the Kindertransport: A Memoir of Music, Love and Survival.
Facing History and Ourselves
A teacher's resource to the book by Mona Golabek and Lee Cohen.

Kindertransport Association
The Kindertransport Association (KTA) is a not-for-profit organization that unites these child Holocaust refugees and their descendants. The KTA shares their stories, honors those who made the Kindertransport possible, and supports charitable work that aids children in need.

A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust
This section of the Teacher's guide focuses on the experiences of children. It provides links under the Kindertransport section to personal stories and movies of survivors.