This page includes resources about religious teachings, and objects or historical figures as they relate to the time period of the Holocaust. Resources in which the history or ramifications of Antisemitism are the main focus are listed here as well.

Print Resources:

Blue, Brian
DS135.E83 S75 1986 Check availability
The Last Jews of Eastern Europe
This moving photo documentary shows the everyday lives of the Jewish people in twenty-eight communities in Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, the U.S.S.R. and Yugoslavia. During the winter of 1984-1985, Yale Strom and Brian Blue traveled behind the Iron Curtain to discover these diminished yet thriving Jewish communities.

Dobroszycki, Lucjan
DS135.P6 D62 1994 Check availability
Image Before My Eyes: A Photographic History of Jewish Life in Poland Before the Holocaust
Gr. 9-12
A photographic history of Jews in Poland between the two world wars that pays homage to the dynamic and vibrant society of 3.5 million people destroyed during the Holocaust.

Fackenheim, Emil L.
BS1186.F36 1990 Check availability
The Jewish Bible after the Holocaust: A Re-reading
The Central European intellectuals of whom Buber wrote in 1926 were disillusioned with modern secularism. Jews of today, having suffered the Holocaust and experienced the rise of the State of Israel, must find new ways to make meaningful contact with the Bible, and this provides a modern interpretation of the Bible for theJews of today.

Glaser, Linda
PZ7.G48047 Han 2012 Check availability
Hannah's Way
Gr. K-3
In rural Minnesota in 1932, Hannah, a young orthodox Jewish girl, deals with being the new girl in class.

Herman, Erwin
PZ7.H43138 Yan 1985 Check availability
The Yanov Torah
Jews in a work camp in Yanov during the Nazi occupation of L'vov, Poland, smuggle in a Torah, piece by piece, despite enormous personal danger.

Ginsburg, Marvell
PZ7.G438956 Tat 1994 Check availability
The Tattooed Torah
Gr. K-3
A small Torah stolen and desecrated by Nazi soldiers in Czechoslovakia is eventually rescued and restored to people who appreciate it.
This links to a YouTube video of the author reading the book.

Lehman-Wilzig, Tami
BM657.T6 L44 2004 Check availability
Keeping the Promise: A Torah's Journey
Gr. 1-5
A small Torah scroll passes from a Dutch rabbi, to a Bar Mitzvah boy during the Holocaust, to the first Israeli astronaut.

Schnur, Steven
PZ7.S3644 Ti 1995 Check availability
The Tie Man's Miracle: A Chanukah Tale
Gr. K-3
On the last night of Chanukah, after hearing how an old man lost his family in the Holocaust, a young boy makes a wish that is carried to God as the menorah candles burn down.

Shore, Jacques, J.M.
PZ7.S558673 Me 2002 Check availability
Menorah in the Night Sky: A Miracle of Chanukah
Gr. 1-3
Imprisoned at a camp called Auschwitz during World War II, twelve-year-old Zev and eleven-year-old David experience a Chanukah miracle in answer to their prayers.

Shoup, Kate
DS134.255.S56 2017 Check Availability
Nazi propaganda: Jews in Hitler's Germany
Gr. 9-12
From the Public Persecutions Series, this survey covers from the beginnings of the Holocaust through the residual fallout.

Stillerman, Marci
PZ7.S8567 Ni 1998 Check availability
Nine Spoons: A Chanukah Story
Gr. K-2
A few brave souls in a Nazi camp are determined to gather nine spoons to make a menorah for Chanukah.

Strongwater, Andrea
D804.34.S77 W5 2012 Check availability
Where We Once Gathered: Lost Synagogues of Europe
Gr. 3-5
Tells the stories of European synagogues that were eradicated before and during World War II and of their Jewish communities.

Audiovisual Resources:

Beautiful Music / In Search of Peace
Moriah Films
DS126.5.B43 2007 Check availability
Not Rated
The first film, Beautiful Music, is an intimate and poignant look at the relationship between an Orthodox jewish music teacher and her autistic Palestinian student. The second, In Search of Peace, chronicles the first two decades of Israel's existence.
Run time: 112 minutes

A Bridge of Books: The Story of the National Yiddish Book Center
The Center
PJ5125.B75 2001 Check availability
Not Rated
Aaron Lansky tells the story of how he requested donations and started to collect Yiddish books. This led to the establishment of the National Yiddish Book Center.
Run time: 13 minutes

Echoes that Remain
Moriah Films
D804.3.E24 2007 Check availability
Not Rated
Presents scenes, stories and reminiscences of Jewish shtetl (small village) life before the holocaust.
Run time: 62 minutes

Ever Again
Moriah Films
DS146.E85 E94 2005 Check availability
Not Rated
Narrated by Kevin Costner, this film examines the resurgence of violent Antisemitism in Europe and its connection to international terrorism currently threatening the entire world.
Run time: 74 minutes

Image Before My Eyes: A History of Jewish Life in Poland before the Holocaust
YIVO Institute and New Video
DS135.P6 I4344 2006 Check availability
Not Rated
Josh Waletzky's documentary portrays the enormously rich culture of Polish Jewry in the decades that preceded World War II.
Run time: 88 minutes

The Long Way Home
Moriah Films
DS126.5.L66 2007 Check availability
Not Rated
This documentary traces the stories of courage in the years between the end of World War II and the formation of the state of Israel.
Run time: 120 minutes

The Longest Hatred: A Revealing History of Antisemitism
Nucleus Production for Thames Television and WGBH
DS145.L66 2004 Check availability
Not Rated
A revealing history of Antisemitism with roots long before the Holocaust and branches that continue to sprout in surprising places today.
Run time: 150 minutes

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