This page contains materials about Adolph Hitler, life in Nazi Germany and Nazi directives such as the "Final Solution," the Nazi Party, and Nazi youth organizations like the Hitler Jugend for boys and Jungmadel for girls.

Print Resources:

Altman, Linda Jacobs
D804.34.A49 1999 Check availability
The Holocaust, Hitler, and Nazi Germany
Describes the history of the Nazi era in Germany, including Adolf Hitler's rise to power and the many atrocities committed during the Holocaust

Altman, Linda Jacobs
D804.5.C45 A48 2010 Check availability
Shattered Youth in Nazi Germany: Primary Sources from the Holocaust (True Stories of Teens in the Holocaust)
Gr. 6-10
Examines the lives of children and teens living in Germany before and during the Holocaust.

Altshuler, David A.
D810.J4 A475 1978 Check availability
Hitler's War Against the Jews: A Young Reader's Version of the War Against the Jews, 1933-1945 by Lucy Dawidowicz
Gr. 6-9
Discusses the growth of antisemitism in Germany from the sixteenth century until the Holocaust during the twentieth century. Includes topics for discussion.

Bachrach, Susan D.
GV722 1936 .B27 2000 Check availability
The Nazi Olympics: Berlin 1936
Gr. 7 and Up
Recounts the story of the Olympics held in Berlin in 1936, and how the Nazis attempted to turn the games into a propaganda tool for their cause.
Teacher guide can be used in conjunction with a trip to the United States Holocaust Museum or alone to compliment the text.

Baer, Edith
PZ7.B1388 Wal 1998 Check availability
Walk the Dark Streets
Gr. 7 and up
Continues the story of Eva, a young Jewish girl living in Nazi Germany where she and her parents experience increasing tensions in daily life while considering possibilities of escape.

Bartoletti, Susan Campbell
DD253.5.B37 2005 Check availability
Hitler Youth: Growing up in Hitler's Shadow
Gr. 5-8
The story of a generation of German young people who devoted all their energy to the Hitler Youth and the propaganda that brought Hitler his power, and the youths that resisted the Nazi movement.

Bormann, Martin
DD247.H5 A6643 2012 Check availability
Hitler's Table Talk
This is a recording of the informal conversations in which the German leader participated around the lunch and dinner tables with his intimate staff and senior party or ideological colleagues.

Daynes, Katie
DD247.H5 D39 2006 Check availability
Adolf Hitler
Gr. 5-8
Highlights the life of the German dictator who led the country into the Second World War.
This resource is a link to visual and audio resources about Adolf Hitler. Students can listen to one of his speeches, watch archive film footage or look at slide shows.

Dvorson, Alexa
DD253.5.D86 1999 Check availability
The Hitler Youth: Marching Toward Madness (Teen Witnesses to the Holocaust)
Gr. 6-8
Describes how many young Germans were drawn into the Nazi movement and how Germany came more and more under the total control of Hitler and the Nazis.

Evans, Richard J.
KD379.5.I78 E95 2001 Check Availability
Lying About Hitler
The author examine the libel suit and ensuing trial of Penguin Books UK and Deborah Lipstadt against holocaust denier David Irving. The author uses the trial to explore the question of Nazi genocide against the Jews and the roles of Hitler, Himmler and Goebbels in the Holocaust.

Fest, Joachim
DD247.H5 F47313 2004 Check Availability
Inside Hitler's Bunker: The Last Days of the Third Reich
The final days of World War II are related in a study that furnishes details of Hitler's final days in the bunker and the torment on the streets of Germany's cities and towns as the Third Reich collapsed under the weight of American, British, French, and Russian forces.

Freeman, Charles
DD256.7.F74 2005 Check availability
The Rise of the Nazis (How Did it Happen?)
Gr. 5-8
Discusses events leading to the Nazi rise to power after World War I and Hitler's takeover of the German government.

Gerhard, Gesine
DS134.64.P47 2014 Check Availability
Nazi Hunger Politics
During World War II, millions of Soviet soldiers in German captivity died of hunger and starvation. Their fate was not the unexpected consequence of a war that took longer than anticipated.

Giblin, James Cross
DD247.H5 G49 2002 Check availability
The Life and Death of Adolf Hitler
Gr. 7 & Up
Traces Hitler's life from his childhood in Austria to his final days in Berlin, exploring how his promises of prosperity and power along with anti-Semitic rhetoric allowed him to lead the nation of Germany into World War II.

Huffier, Sebastian
DD86.7.H23 A3 2002 Check Availability
Defying Hitler
Spanning the period from 1907 to 1933, it offers a unique perspective on the rise of Hitler and the growing influence of Nazism, and anticipates much of what was to unfold in the ensuing years.

Halleck, Elaine
DD256.6.L58 2004 Check availability
Living in Nazi Germany (Exploring Cultural History)
Gr. 9-12
Presents essays and primary and secondary documents that examine aspects of life in Nazi Germany.

Herzstein, Robert
D757.H397 Check Availability
The Nazis
The story of the Nazis, their extravagant spectacles, and their extreme cruelty.

Hett, Benjamin Carter
DD247.L58 H47 2008 Check Availability
Crossing Hitler
This book is the full-length biography of the Jewish German trial lawyer Hans Litten. During a trial in 1931 of four Nazi Stormtroopers, Hans Litten grilled Adolf Hitler in a merciless three-hour cross examination forcing him into multiple contradictions and left him in a humiliating rage.

Levy, Debbie
PS3612.E9368 Y43 2010 Check availability
The Year of Goodbyes: A True Story of Friendship, Family, and Farewells
Gr. 6-8
The author's mother's 1938 autograph book filled with inscriptions from family and friends is the inspiration for a collection of narrative poems about life in Nazi Germany for a Jewish family trying to escape the horrors.

Peukert, Detlev J. K.
DD256.5.P4613 1987 Check Availability
Inside Nazi Germany
In this remarkable social history of the Third Reich, Detlev J. K. Peukert surveys how ordinary citizens evaded or accepted Nazi policies of repression, terrorism, and racism. Peukert discusses not only the popular consensus that supported Nazism but also the opposition of the German middle class, working class, and youth.

Piszkiewicz, Dennis
TL.751.85.V6 P57 1998 Check Availability
Wernher Von Braun
Perhaps no one in history has played the role of scientist as celebrity with as much skill-and as much deception-as Wernher von Braun. America's leading rocket expert and most enthusiastic advocate of space travel, he had a closer full of secrets that would have shocked his colleagues and millions of admirers if they had been told during his lifetime.

Poliakov, Leon
D810.J4 P614813 1979 Check Availability
Harvest of Hate: The Nazi Program for the Destruction of the Jews of Europe
This study of the Nazi policy of cruelty, sadism, and extermination against the Jews, the Slavs, and other "enemies" of the Germans, is a very important document for several reasons.

Ramen, Fred
DD247.G6 R36 2000 Check availability
Hermann Goering: Hitler's Second-in-Command (Holocaust Biographies)
Gr. 6-8
Chronicles the life of the powerful member of the Nazi party who was second in command to Adolf Hitler and leader of the German Air Force during World War II.

Roberts, Jeremy
D804.3.R62 2000 Check availability
Adolf Hitler: A Study in Hate (Holocaust Biographies)
Gr. 6-8
Biographical account of Adolf Hitler, the leader of the Nazi Party, whose antisemitism and Jewish Holocaust established him as one of the cruelest dictators in history.

Roberts, Jeremy
DD247.G6 R63 2002 Check availability
Joseph Goebbels: Nazi Propaganda Minister (Holocaust Biographies)
Gr. 6-8
Relates the life of Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels and his role in formulating Hitler's policy of exterminating the Jewish people.

Rosenfeld, Alvin H.
PS228.H58 R61985 Check Availability
Imagining Hitler
This is not a book about Hitler but about the ghost of Hitler. It is an attempt to chart the course of an evolving myth, one that has its origins in the political history of Europe of half a century ago and is today enjoying a thriving afterlife within the imagination of much of the Western world.

Sachs, Ruth
DD247.E5 S18 2001 Check availability
Adolf Eichmann: Engineer of Death (Holocaust Biographies)
Gr. 6-8
Biographical account of Adolf Eichmann, known as the engineer of death for his involvement with Hitler's regime during World War II.

Shuter, Jane
DS135.E83 S62 2003 Check availability
Life and Death in Hitler's Europe (The Holocaust)
Gr. 6-8
An account of what life was like in Europe for both Jews and non-Jews while Adolf Hitler was in power.

Stille, Darlene R.
D804.34.S75 2011 Check availability
Architects of the Holocaust (The Holocaust)
Gr. 6-8
Describes the rise to power of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party and their implementation of the "Final Solution" in which over six million Jews were imprisoned and murdered in concentration camps throughout Nazi-occupied territory.

Waite, Robert G. L.
DD256.5.H545 1966 Check availability
Hitler and Nazi Germany
A compilation of articles about Hitler's personality, the reasons for the Nazi rise to power, and Nazism in theory and practice.

Welch, Claire
DD256.5.W45 2008 Check availability
Rise & Fall of the Nazis: A Photographic Record of the Third Reich and its Downfall
Gr. 7-12
A photographic record of the Nazis reflecting every aspect of the rise of their short-lived empire and its final, cataclysmic downfall.

Williams, Laura E.
PZ7.W666584 Beh 1996 Check availability
Behind the Bedroom Wall
Gr. 5-8
Thirteen-year-old Korinna must decide whether to report her parents to her Hitler youth group when she discovers that they are hiding Jews in a secret space behind Korinna's bedroom wall.
This publisher website for the text includes information on the book itself, the author, and a downloadable Reading Guide.

Audiovisual Resources:

Before the Fall: (Napola)
Picture This! Entertainment Palisades Pictures and Bavaria Film International
PN1997.2.B44 2006 Check availability
Not Rated
Feature film from Germany. Drama. Follows the fate of Friedrich Weimer, selected for his boxing by a talent scout in 1942 to attend the Allenstein National Political Academy (NaPolA), to be trained as an SS officer.
Run time: 110 minutes

Blind Spot: Hitler's Secretary
Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment
D811.5.B564 2003 Check availability
Rated: PG
The astonishing true story of Hitler's private secretary coming to terms with working for unspeakable evil after remaining silent for nearly 60 years. Traudl Junge was Adolf Hitler's secretary from 1942 until the end of the war. He dictated his last will and testament to her. She refused to speak publicly about her memories, keeping silent about her life, her trials and tribulations, until now, the end of her life.
Run time: 87 minutes

Monarch Home Video
PN1997.F38 1992 Check availability
Rated: PG-13
A woman is forced to re-examine her relationship with her father when a concentration camp survivor identifies him as a Nazi war criminal.
Run time: 106 minutes

Wannsee Conference: 11 Million Sentenced to Death
Gateway Films
DS135.G3315 1999 Check availability
Not Rated
Examines the political and social forces that fueled antisemitism in Germany in the 1930s and led to the Wannsee Conference in 1942 where Nazi leaders formulated their plans for the world-wide eradication of the Jewish people.
Run time: 52 minutes

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