Resources found on this page contain information about genocide, excluding material about the Holocaust. This may include the killing fields of Cambodia and the genocide occurring in Rwanda. Materials on human rights in general are also included.

Print Resources:

Breutman, Richard
DD247.H4 B74 1991 Check Availability
The Architect of Genocide
Although Adolf Hitler held the ultimate responsibility for what became the Holocaust, it was Heinrich Himmler, head of the SS, who essentially laid the plans and devised the schemes that lead to the killings of six million Jews. An important and engrossing book that makes evident why Heinrich Himmler should be regarded as the master planner of the "Final Solution."

Brown, Skila
PZ7.5.B763 Cam 2014 Check availability
Gr. 5-10
Carlos knows that when the soldiers arrive with warnings about the Communist rebels, it is time to be a man and defend the village, keep everyone safe. But Mama tells him not yet -- he's still her quiet moonfaced boy. The government soldiers laugh at the villagers, and before they move on, a neighbor is found dangling from a tree, a sign on his neck: Communist. Mama tells Carlos to run and hide, then try to find her.

Combres, Elizabeth
PQ2703.053 M4514 2009 Check availability
Broken Memory: A Novel of Rwanda
Gr. 5-8
After hearing her mother being murdered, a young girl must find the strength to survive on her own amidst the massacres of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda.

Eshet, Dan
K5302.T67 2007 Check availability
Totally Unofficial: Raphael Lemkin and the Genocide Convention
Genocide, the intentional destruction of ethnic or national groups, has been part of human history for millennia. But since the late nineteenth century, its nature and scale have dramatically changed.

Facing History and Ourselves Foundation
DS195.5.C75 2004 Check availability
Crimes against Humanity and Civilization: The Genocide of the Armenians
Resource book about the Armenian Genocide that occurred during World War I.

Filipovic, Zlata
Call #
Zlata's Diary: A Child's Life in Wartime Sarajevo
Gr. 7-up
Thoughts kept by a young girl in diary form, from her peaceful life in Sarajevo to the buildup of the war in Bosnia.

Filipovic, Zlata
DR1313.32.S27 F5513 1994 Check availability
Zlata's Diary: A Child's Life in Sarajevo
Gr. 5-8
Excerpts from the author's diary, begun when she was eleven, describes life in Sarajevo under siege.

Fisanick, Christina
DT450.435.R839 2004 Check availability
The Rwanda Genocide (At Issue in History)
Gr. 9-12
Presents a collection of primary and secondary source materials discussing genocide in Rwanda.

George, Terry
PN 1997.2.H66 H68 2005 Check availability
Hotel Rwanda: Bringing the True Story of an African Hero to Film
Gr. 9-12
Describes how the director and co-screenwriter gained financial support to create the movie and includes an overview of Rwanda with details on the events that inspired the movie.

Gourevitch, Philip
DT450.435.G68 1998 Check Availability
We Wish to Inform You that Tomorrow We Will be Killed with Our Families: Stories from Rwanda
This remarkable debut book chronicles what has happened in Rwanda and neighboring states since 1994, when the Rwandan government called on everyone in the Hutu majority to murder everyone in the Tutsi minority.

Keat, Nawuth and Kendall, Martha E.
DS554.83.K43 A3 2009 Check availability
Alive in the Killing Fields: Surviving the Khmer Rouge Genocide
Gr. 6-up
Alive in the Killing Fields is the real-life memoir of Nawuth Keat, a man who survived the horrors of war-torn Cambodia. He has now broken a longtime silence in the hope that telling the truth about what happened to his people and his country will spare future generations from similar tragedy.

Kherdian, David
DR435.A7 K47 1995 Check availability
The Road from Home: A True Story of Courage, Survival, and Hope
Gr. 7-12
A biography of the author's mother, concentrating on her childhood in Turkey before the Turkish government deported its Armenian population.

Lord, Michelle
ML3920.C465 L67 2008 Check availability
A Song for Cambodia
Gr. 3-5
Presents a biography of Arn Chorn-Pond who survived the Khmer Rouge killing fields because of his skill on the khim and later went on to help heal others and revive Cambodian music and culture.

Mikaelsen, Ben
PZ7.M5926 Rc 2002 Check availability
Red Midnight
Gr. 5-9
After soldiers kill his family, twelve-year-old Santiago and his four-year-old sister flee Guatemala in a kayak in order to reach the United States.

Miller, Debra A.
DT159.6.D27 D3525 2009 Check availability
Darfur (Current Controversies)
Gr. 9-12
Explores the crisis in Darfur, the Sudanese government's role, China's role, and what should be done to bring peace.

Pinkney, Andrea Davis
PZ7.5.P56 Re 2014 Check Availability
The Red Pencil
Gr. 4-6
After her tribal village is attacked by militants, Amira, a young Sudanese girl, must flee to safety at a refugee camp, where she finds hope and the chance to pursue an education in the form of a single red pencil and the friendship and encouragement of a wise elder.

Reich, Walter
HV6431.O74 1998 Check availability
Origins of Terrorism: Psychologies, Ideologies, Theologies, States of Mind
Offers a study of the beliefs, goals, and other factors that cause groups and individuals to resort to violence to gain their political objectives.

Sands, Philippe
KZ7180.S25 2016 Check Availability
East West Street
A personal detective story, an uncovering of secret pasts, and a book that explored the creation and development of world-changing legal concepts that came about as a result of the unprecedented atrocities of Hitler's Third Reich.

Skrypuch, Marsha
PZ7.S57 Arams 2006 Check Availability
Aram's Choice
Gr. 2-4
Aram, an orphaned Armenian boy, has been forced to leave his home in Turkey due to the genocide there, and while staying in exile in Greece he learns he has the opportunity to emigrate to the far away country of Canada.

Skrypuch, Marsha
PZ7.S6233 Call 2009 Check Availability
Call me Aram
Gr. 2-4
A group of refugee orphans escape the Armenian genocide in Turkey and are sent to a farm in Georgetown, Ontario, where they must adjust to the unfamiliar habits and customs of their Canadian sponsors.

Skrypuch, Marsha
PZ7.S62853 Dan 2015 Check Availability
Dance of the Banished
Gr. 8-10
A teenager leaves his fiancé behind in their Anatolian village to make a new life in Canada for both of them. But when World War I breaks out, he is sent to an internment camp while his betrothed struggles to survive and find a way to join him.

Skrypuch, Marsha
PS8587.K79 D38 2008 Check Availability
Daughter of War
Gr. 9 and up
Disguised as a Muslim in 1916 Turkey, Marta has escaped certain death. If she is discovered, she will be killed outright or forced to march into the desert to die, like so many Armenians before her. Separated from her sister and her betrothed, Marta can only wait and hope to find them them again.

Skrypuch, Marsha
PZ7.S62853 Nob 2003 Check Availability
Nobody's Child
Gr. 7-10
Even though Mariam, her siblings, and their friend Kevork become orphans after the 1909 massacre of Armenians in Turkey's Adana Province, their sustaining hope, as six years later in 1915 they face "deportation," is to be reunited with the remaining members of their family.

Toumani, Meline
E184.A7 T68 2014 Check Availability
There Was and There Was Not
A young Armenian-American goes to Turkey in a :love thine enemy" experiment that becomes a transformative reflection on how we use-and abuse-our personal histories.

Williams, Mary
PZ7.W66699 Br 2005 Check availability
Brothers in Hope: The Story of the Lost Boys of Sudan
Gr. 4-8
Eight-year-old Garang, orphaned by a civil war in Sudan, finds the inner strength to help lead other boys as they trek thousands of miles seeking safety in Ethiopia, then kenya, and finally in the United States.

Audiovisual Resources:

Armenian Genocide, The
Two Cats TV
DS195.5.A737 2006 Check availability
Not Rated
This one hour documentary examines what happened and why, in what has been called on of the greatest untold stories of the 20th century.
Run time: 60 minutes

Darfur Diaries: Message from Home
Cinema Libre Studio
HV553.D37487 2006 Check availability
Not Rated
This film is a brutally honest look of the tragedy befalling the Darfur Region.
Run Time: 55 minutes

Defying Genocide: Choices that Saved Lives
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
HV6322.7.D44 2006 Check availability
Not Rated
The story of how Simone Weil Lipman was able to save thousands of Jewish children during the Holocaust is a staring point for an exploration of what it takes to defy genocide.
Run time: 19 minutes

Devil Came in on Horseback, The
Red Envelope Entertainment, Break Thru Films, and BBC
DT159.6.D27 D48 2007 Check availability
Not Rated
This documentary dives into the Darfur, Sudan genocide from the perspective of an unarmed military observer with the African Union.
Run time: 85 minutes

Moriah Films with the Simon Wiesenthal Center
D804.3.G46 2007 Check availability
Not Rated
The heart-wrenching, yet often heroic story of the millions of men, women and children who fell victim to Hitler's Final Solution.
Run time: 83 minutes

Ghosts of Rwanda
PBS Video
DT450.435.G56 2004 Check availability
Not Rated
Chronicles the Rwandan genocide of 1993, one of the worst atrocities of the 20th century.
Run time: 115 minutes

Hotel Rwanda: A True Story
MGM Home Entertainment
PN1995.9.A43 H684 2005 Check availability
Rated: PG-13
A five-star-hotel manager in Rwanda risks his life when he opens his hotel to more than a thousand Tutsis refugees in order to protect them from death.
Run time: 122 minutes
This 6-page pdf gives background about the film and Rwandan genocide, with many questions to spark discussion.

Human Rights
Schlessinger Media and CBS News Productions
JC571.H96 2004 Check availability
Rated: "Grades 9 & Up"
Program discusses the role of the United Nations and other organizations in maintaining the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the importance of securing freedom and justice and peace for all mankind.
Run time: 23 minutes

Last Survivor: Four Tragedies, Four Journeys, One Purpose
Righteous Pictures
HV6322.7.L38 2011 Check availability
Not Rated
The Last Survivor is a character-based, feature-length documentary that explores the idea of genocide in the 21st century.
Run time: 84 minutes or 56 minutes

Lost Boys, The
CBS Broadcasting Inc.
E184.S77 L67 2013 Check availability
Not Rated
The journey of two teenage South Sudanese boys, orphaned by their war torn country, who traveled to America looking for a safer environment. They must learn quickly about the unfamiliar complexities of contemporary American society.
Run time: 87 minutes

On our Watch
DT159.6.D27 O5 2007 Check availability
Not Rated
Frontline asks why the international community and the United Nations have once again failed to stop slaughter, this time in Darfur.
​Run time: 60 Minutes

Promise, The
Empires fall, love survives. When Michael, a brilliant medical student, meets Ana, their shared Armenian heritage sparks an attraction that explodes into a romantic rivalry between Michael and Ana's boyfriend Chris, a famous American photojournalist dedicated to exposing political truth. As the Ottoman Empire crumbles into war torn chaos, their conflicting passions must be deferred while they join forces to get their people to safety and survive themselves.
Run time: 134 minutes

Witnessing Darfur
United States Holocaust memorial Museum
DT159.6.D27 W58 2005 Check availability
Not Rated
Includes two mini-Documentaries, the first, Darfur eyewitness: former United States Marine Brian Steidle describes what he saw while in Darfur with the African Union Monitoring Force. March 2005, 10 min. -- The second, Staring genocide in the face: Jerry Fowler, director of the Committee on Conscience, relates stories told by Darfurian refugees in Chad. May 2004, 7 min
Run time: 17 minutes

Articles & Websites:

Genocide Watch
Offering blog style updates about violence in the world, this site acts as a portal for those investigating modern day genocide in areas like Cambodia, Kenya, Rwanda, the Sudan and most recently, Guinea. The "About Genocide" tab contains extensive information about the stages of Genocide, ways in which it is denied and how it affects world politics.

This Website offers lesson plans designed for different age groups and to fulfill different curriculum content standards having to do with genocide. Holocaust lesson plans are included as well as those about other major genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and the Sudan. Each teacher guide identifies websites that support the goals of that particular lesson plan.

World is Witness
This website is maintained by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and works to identify regions where genocide campaigns are occuring right now. Staff and guest contributors submit updates from the field, eyewitness testimony, photographs, interactive maps and more. Witness for yourself on this website and inside Google Earth.